Flash and Smoke

Thursday, August 14, 2014 / Ariana restaurant  138W Houston, NY, NY 8-10 pm

You are invited to participate in the new experiment/art performance, "Flash and Smoke".

"I'm known as an art performer and as a model" says Pasha Setrova.

(Left) Photo by Igor Corzh and (right) from "I Wanna Cry" performance at Erarta Gallery, NYC.

(Left) Photo by Igor Corzh and (right) from "I Wanna Cry" performance at Erarta Gallery, NYC.

"Finally I've created a new interactive scenario where I get to be both and where my audience gets a first hand experience to join me in that process. It's a photo shoot art performance. And I don't think it's been done before."

This Thursday, August 14th, at Ariana restaurant, you'll see Pasha premier two different looks- one being a dark Audrey Hepburn inspired set and another, featuring big hair on a simply unclad figure. Both will feature skin as the artist bares it all and lets you take the reign because in the end, the final look, the final result, will depend on you.

With a professional camera or a smart phone, heck shoot a polaroid for all we care!- for your publications, portfolios, or even just Instagram - take a picture and be a participant of this photo shoot visual experiment.

How will your personal view stand out when it's stacked against the photos from other photographers?

Following the event, participants should send in their top selections by August 25th to press.pashasetrova@gmail.com wherein a collection of the gathered works will be featured online. For work you'll be uploading online by yourselves please do not forget to friend/follow/tag the artist @Pasha Setrova and location @Ariana Restaurant.

The first look will debut at 8 pm and after a 30 minute session, the second look is scheduled to go on around 9:20 for another 30 minutes.

In between of sessions, quench your thirst at Restaurant Adriana's fully stocked craft vodka bar or dine on modernly interpreted Russian delectables...or just make a connection with the wonderfully artistic individuals you'll be surrounded with.

Beautiful food and drink. Beautiful location. Beautiful Pasha.

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A crowd begins to gather both inside and out of a Erarta Galleries in NY as two pink highlighter vixens sit poised amongst  the art. As a poppy clap resounds from the stereos, Pasha appears in what seems like nothing but a white sheet wrapped about her figure- her hair outdone in an outrageous chain-and-charm-covered do. Suddenly she flings her makeshift wardrobe behind her in rhythm to the music as the audience lets out a gasp composed of equal parts surprise, shyness, and awe.

Her bubblegum ladies circle her, patterning her bare body in lipstick kisses to the tune. Eventually the music shifts into a melody reminiscent of those old 90's glory days and she sits for us in her new mouth-made costume, unearthing the essence of warmth, beauty and love.